Our Identity

We are...


Christ’s church: the church is the bride and body of Jesus Christ; it is through him alone, revealed to us by the Holy Spirit in the Scriptures, that we know God; it is through the power of the Holy Spirit that we worship and serve Christ; and it is Christ’s future return which is our hope and motivation for life.


A local church: a full and authentic expression of the universal church, called into being and sustained by God’s word.  We have a specific responsibility to

proclaim and demonstrate the love of God in Christ among the people of the parish of Wootton.  We are also called to involvement with the world-wide mission of the whole church.


An Anglican church: while we welcome Christians of all backgrounds, our permanent and most visible connection is with the Church of England.  We accept and uphold its founding documents (The Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion, the Book of Common Prayer, and the Ordinal) as authentic expressions of orthodox Christian belief.  We are committed to supporting and encouraging biblical faith and practice in the Anglican Communion, both within and beyond the diocese of St Albans.


An evangelical church: we recognise the convictions of historic evangelicalism as crystallising and expressing the kernel of orthodox Christianity, including: the supreme authority of Scripture; the universal nature of human sin; the grace of God, seen above all in the substitutionary atoning death of Jesus Christ; and the gift of justification and new life in Christ, received and enjoyed only through repentance and faith.  We value the examples, among others, of the sixteenth-century reformers, the eighteenth-century evangelists, and the nineteenth-century social reformers.  We are committed to gospel partnership with evangelical mission agencies, as well as with our patron, the Martyrs’ Memorial and Church of England Trust, and the Church Pastoral Aid Society.