Befriending the Brighton Bomber - Harvey Thomas
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The story of Thatcher's former director of communications who went from being trapped under the rubble after an IRA bombing to befriending the bomber.

Befriending the Brighton Bomber - Glen Scrivener
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Missed our events week? Don't worry, here are the interviews and talks with Glen Scrivener.

Transformed through Tragedy - Jude Gayet
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The story of a local lady's struggle to rebuild her life after her mum's suicide and to find hope amidst her battle with anxiety.

Transformed through Tragedy - Glen Scrivener
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1 in 4 people suffer with mental health issues. Come and hear where hope can be found.

A Hopeless Story? - Glen Scrivener
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Love Story - Glen Scrivener
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Hear the surprising truth of Christianity.

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